Mobi DATA is a unique system that enables you to create your own MTN data resellers and earn from them as a vendor on Mobile Airtime NG.
With Mobi DATA, your resellers are able to buy MTN data and airtime from you using the Mobi DATA mobile app without funds in your own vendor wallet, that is, you sell MTN data and airtime without funds in your vendor wallet. That's the meat of the system!

  1. Full Automation:
    Data delivery is instant and management is fully automated.
  2. Instant & Flexible Funding:
    Your resellers can fund their wallets instantly using their dedicated account. You can also transfer from your vendor wallet to any of your reseller's wallet.
  3. Instant Settlement:
    Your commission is settled to your vendor wallet instantly.
  4. Unlimited Reseller Accounts:
    You can have as many resellers as possible to register under you.
  5. Multiple Reseller Types:
    You can setup different reseller data pricing, VTU discount and assign to your resellers. For instance, you can setup a reseller to buy 1GB at ₦270 while another buys 1GB at ₦300.
    You cannot setup any reseller data price to be lower than your vendor price i.e. if you get data at ₦250 on Mobile Airtime then you cannot sell to any reseller at a lesser price.
  6. Upgrade/Downgrade:
    With the possibility of setting up multiple reseller types, you can upgrade/downgrade your reseller from one level to the other.
  7. Reseller Block:
    You can block/unblock a reseller from gaining access to the Mobi DATA mobile app.
  8. Vendor Code Switch:
    You can reset your vendor code to disallow spam registration and unauthorized access.
  9. API For Resellers:
    Your resellers can connect their websites or apps with the API and buy data directly without having to use the mobile app. See api docs here

  1. Subscribe to Mobi DATA to generate your vendor code and configure your account.
    To subscribe, log in to your Mobile Airtime account and click the Mobi DATA menu.
  2. Share the Mobi DATA mobile app link with your resellers and give them your vendor code so that they can register under you. Download link;
  3. Start earning.